Inclusive Emergency Management 101: Integrating the Disability Community in Disaster Planning and Response

Module 1: Disability Competency

Module 1: Disability Competency


Provide an immersive view of disability culture by sharing an open and honest look at the daily lives of individuals with disabilities, the fight for equality and inclusion in all aspects of life, the evolution of addressing access and functional needs, and the effects of non-inclusive planning.

Key Objectives

Attain a basic level of Disability Competency, including effective communication skills and disability etiquette

Achieve a basic understanding of the laws and policies codifying equal access

Compare and contrast the evolution of emergency management & disability rights

Acquire familiarity with the C-MIST model for assessing access and functional needs

Assimilate fundamental best practices

Gain a basic understanding of the argument against applying Social Vulnerability Theory in Emergency Management

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1:  History of Disability Rights in the United States

Lesson 2:  The Evolution of Emergency Management

Lesson 3:  Assessing Access and Functional Needs

Lesson 4:  Social Vulnerability Theory in Emergency Management

Lesson 5:  Inclusion: The Way Forward