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Hack Furistas Cat Cafe iOS (iPhone): cheat codes

E5E47BB89D50 KittyKash ($1.99)
1E58CEB5FC130 KittyKash ($4.99)
868BE846D7275 KittyKash ($9.99)
DABF970DF9700 KittyKash ($24.99)
07E5BECD2F1,500 KittyKash ($49.99)
1500 KittyKash
AEC613127C3750 KittyKash ($99.99)
0FCEF785EFSmall Fish Pack ($0.99)
249D03D8D1Minor Fish Pack ($8.99)
B529997124Medium Fish Pack ($39.99)
12B38635AAMajor Fish Pack ($59.99)

Hack Furistas Cat Cafe Android: cheat codes

C8BB6DD89#50 KittyKash ($1.99)
634246017#130 KittyKash ($4.99)
84C892C89#275 KittyKash ($9.99)
DFC2AC6DD#700 KittyKash ($24.99)
F845B2EC5#1,500 KittyKash ($49.99)
1500 KittyKash
AFCD99D37#3750 KittyKash ($99.99)
0E9B8D1B6#Small Fish Pack ($0.99)
878EF4DFD#Minor Fish Pack ($8.99)
0D57DD54F#Medium Fish Pack ($39.99)
6E31821D6#Major Fish Pack ($59.99)

Furistas Cat Cafe Online Generator

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About Furistas Cat Cafe

Furistas Cat Cafe Hack and Cheats – Inclusive Em 101

Adopt and cuddle cute kittens

The best adorable cat game! Look after your cute kitties, help your customers match with their favorite cat, and customize your cafe to bring the ultimate joy! Furistas Cat Cafe captures the personalities of real life cats and will melt your heart.

Some of the features that make Furistas the best cat game:

● Adopt & collect a wonderfully weird array of furry friends, based on real cats. Each cat has a fascinating backstory and behaviors specific to their personality.

● Match cats and customers with similar personalities together to maximize happiness, which unlocks more cute cattos for you to collect.

● Customise your cafe! The cafe is fully customizable from the walls to the floor. This gives you full control of creating your own space. Did you want to turn the cafe into a cute cat animal playground or a cool Gothic lair? It is completely up to you!

● There's a gentle animal adoption narrative that runs throughout the game, subtly encouraging ethical pet ownership (many of the cats in the game are rescue cats!)

Meet some of the cute furry family who appear in Furistas Cat Cafe!

Bon Chan and Takeshi are two of the first cats we added to the game - they are both rescue cats, who now live in their forever home with our Lead Artist!

Bon Chan

Personality Trait: Friendly

Bon-Chan is a cute kitty with a big sense of self-confidence. Since her adoption at the Cat Cafe she has found great happiness in supervising and napping with her loved ones.


Personality Trait: Playful

At least twice the size of his sister Bon-chan, Takeshi is a big ball of cute cuddles. He loves to eat, and is often caught taking a nibble from the food bowls of other cats. Naughty!

So come be a cute kitty collector; relax and watch your favorite furry friend meow, purr, blep, mlem, and be a happy little neko!

We hope you enjoy creating your own haven for happiness, full of cute kitty friends, at Furistas Cat Cafe. The best cat game you'll ever play!

*** By award winning studio Runaway Play, with over 10 million downloads of Flutter, Splash and Starlight ***

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