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Hack Stupid Test! iOS (iPhone): cheat codes

068A58119925 Hints ($0.99)
Buy 25 hints
0D44CDAC9A75 Hints ($1.99)
Buy 75 hints
B5AFEA6F0B200 Hints ($3.99)
Buy 200 hitns
BE39F19795500 Hints ($7.99)
Buy 500 hints
A30CD93141Remove Ads ($0.99)
29DBE26B8BUnlock level 2 ($0.99)
2697AD8219Unlock Level 3 ($0.99)
7E5340C5E6Unlock Level 4 ($0.99)
757C38D168Unlock Level 5 ($0.99)
E1F4645534Unlock Level 6 ($0.99)

Hack Stupid Test! Android: cheat codes

299DE3379#25 Hints ($0.99)
Buy 25 hints
47A9AFDC4#75 Hints ($1.99)
Buy 75 hints
CC2E6A9DC#200 Hints ($3.99)
Buy 200 hitns
E4D78707C#500 Hints ($7.99)
Buy 500 hints
D1E0BF296#Remove Ads ($0.99)
64137027B#Unlock level 2 ($0.99)
0C4BFB5AF#Unlock Level 3 ($0.99)
0CC28D142#Unlock Level 4 ($0.99)
65F013B81#Unlock Level 5 ($0.99)
777CCF92E#Unlock Level 6 ($0.99)

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About Stupid Test!

Stupid Test! Hack and Cheats – Inclusive Em 101


●●● WARNING: Stupid people may find this quiz hard, so READ the questions CAREFULLY!! ●●●

Are you stupid, an idiot or even a moron? Complete this app to show to you and your friends that you are not completely stupid!


What people say about the Stupid Test!;

● Sosmelly - Loved all the puzzles and the frustration kept me going.

● LiikeEggandBeans - Fun and addictive game that drives me crazy at times!

We present you with a fun, interactive, and feature rich game that will test your level of stupidity. The "Stupid Test!" application was developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and includes the following features:

► 800+ questions that will test your level of stupidity;

► Game Center integrations so you can challenge your friends and family;

► In game hints to give you clues to solve the question;

► Ability to share questions with your friends of Facebook/Twitter if you are stuck;

► User friendly and responsive interface; and

► Simple yet stunning graphics!!

You will require common sense, advanced arithmetic and problem solving skills to complete this difficult 800+ question quiz!

Prove to you and your friends that you are not stupid and take the STUPID TEST now!

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true stupidity or intelligence testing functionality.

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